Zona Romantica Puerto Vallarta

Zona Romantica Puerto Vallarta

A Fun and Lively Neighborhood

Nestling itself between the tropical jungle and the lush waters of the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta is the ultimate vacation destination. It is THE thriving place to be on the western coast of Mexico and a wonderful destination to become your go-to. It does not matter if it’s a change of lifestyle, investment property, or vacation home; this city will capture you with its easy, fun, vibrant energy that runs throughout it. Apart from its natural beauty and all the outdoor jungle activities you can try out, there is a ton to see, do, shop and eat in this magical city that is the right balance between friendly and fun with a welcoming vibe so you feel like a local. The city of Puerto Vallarta is broken down into neighborhoods, and we adore the Zona Romantica of Puerto Vallarta. Translated to English as the Romantic Zone, this area is located in the southern part of the city between the Rio Cuale and the mountains and down to the Pier at Playa Los Muertos. For us, this is the heart of the city. There is the most diverse slice of everyday Mexican living you can find. Once you fall in love, you will want to check out the real estate in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico, especially our favorite, Pier 57.

The Romantic Zone

Zona Romantica Puerto Vallarta. View from Pier 57.

Filling itself with culture, the Zona Romantica has cobblestone streets and traditions that influence architecture and daily life in the old part of Puerto Vallarta. Because of this, it is brimming with life and color. Ultimately, this is a treat for getting to see the best the city has to offer. Tradition is shown through the shops that line the streets selling their colorful wears, spices erupt your sense from the wonderful scents wafting out of restaurants and vibrant cafes that are wonderful to relax at.

Mixing with lively things to do, we have some definite must-sees and know that these are guaranteed a dynamic combination of cultures. It is all set against a postcard-worthy backdrop. This is the area everyone wants to live in, including one of our favorite properties in the real estate in Mexico, Pier 57. We are going to highlight this vibrant neighborhood through some of what we thought are the best it has to offer. That includes a delicious dinner spot, something fun to do, an amazing place to stay, and vibrant nightlife in the Zona Romantica in Puerto Vallarta.

romantic zone pv dinnerWhere To Eat

To begin with, for amazing meals with great food options for everyone, check out what the locals call restaurant row. It is on Basilio Badilio and chalked full of places to eat that range from Mexican-inspired menus to all flavors of international themes. There are amazing options at all times of the day and we found breakfast, lunch, and dinner equally delicious. We were fans of La Dolce Vita Zona Romantica on Basile Badillo. A menu that is a modern take on simple Italian roots, there is an elevated elegance in the attention to detail and quality of the ingredients. Our favorites were the fresh pasta and wood-fired pizzas. Because of this, we had a deliciously simple meal. As a result, this was a wonderful start to the night through good food and a fun atmosphere.

What To Do

This is a must-see, pristine beach that is the backdrop of this slice of heaven. Los Muertos beach is a peaceful beach that is fun to hang out at. It is a great place to rent an umbrella or go to a beach restaurant. There is fun in the sun with the advantage of the great offering of shopping opportunities with the beach vendors who walk up and down the sand hawking their wares. They offer artisanal goods, food, candy, homemade goods, clothes, and more. While you are on the beach, check out the Malecon. It is one mile long and has a beautiful waterfront esplanade. The view is one of a kind with Bahia de Banderas as its setting. Also, there are vacation mementos for sale, art, and sculptures along this iconic walkway.

What To Do at Night

Puerto Vallarta nightlife and the real estate in Mexico.

Nightlife rounds out one of the aspects of making the Romantic Zone in Puerto Vallarta unique. The fun does not stop when the sun sets. With many options and something for everyone so a memorable night is to be had by all. There is the theater, sports bars, gay bars, clubs to dance in, mixology bars, theme bars, and beach bars. Partaking in the vibrant nightlife was an adventure and we were charmed by Incanto on Insurgentes 109. Filling us with delicious drinks from their well-stocked bar, the best music made for a fun atmosphere. This is a piano bar set on the Rio Cuale. Because of this, there is always some form of music or salsa lesson happening. Check them out for an intimate night out of the noisy club in an upscale bar in paradise.

Where To StaPier 57. Real estate in Mexico. Real estate in Puerto Vallarta.y

Finally, where to stay in the Zona Romantica in Puerto Vallarta? The hot spot, Pier 57. Pier 57 is a unique building of condos that range from lofts to 2-bedroom units. For real estate in Mexico, this is an architecturally forward project that gives off the vibes of South Beach, Florida. Weaving its elegant luxury from the outside in, there are 5-star amenities at every corner. Larges patios lead to easy indoor-outdoor vacation living, there is an effortless opulence living here. Because of this, breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean are the perfect setting for this modern luxury. From the best rooftop in town to the restaurant, state-of-the-art gym, and outdoor areas, this is a gorgeous property. To sum up, the indoor amenities are not lacking either, ranging from well-appointed floor plans to bright and airy spaces. Because of this, it is a beautiful option. This can be your dream home or a profitable investment in Puerto Vallarta’s real estate market.

MexHome knows Puerto Vallarta Real Estate and the Zona Romantica

As a result, this quaint community of the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta is unique. Setting itself in a culturally rich and gorgeous landscape, the modern amenities shine. The first step in your new lifestyle is looking at the amazing houses and real estate in Mexico that MexHome has to offer. There is a lot of variety in Puerto Vallarta real estate. Continuing the vacation lifestyle, you will feel pampered while having a great time.

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