San Francisco (San Pancho) Real Estate for Sale

Awesome sunsets in a charming walkable village where there is even polo!

San Francisco Mexico, more commonly known as San Pancho, is a quaint little village renowned for its beautiful sunsets. This area has increased in popularity – especially when it comes to ex-pats searching for a second home – as it is conveniently located less than 30 miles from Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

The growth of San Pancho Nayarit started in the ’70s when the then Mexico president, Luis Echeverria, took an increasing role in world affairs. With a particular focus on the third world especially San Pancho. Echeverria visited San Pancho and found it ‘enchanting’ which led to him buying property in the village as a vacation home. He decided that he was going to get San Pancho on the map and attempted to transform it into a self-sufficient town. Echeverria made funding available which meant that a hospital, schools, fruit processing factories and a fishing museum could all be built as well as the streets being paved. The money soon came to an end though after Echeverria’s time in office did the same but the first steps had been taken and still, to this day, San Pancho remains as a fantastic place to live.

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Water sports are hindered slightly by the strong undertow but the wide sandy beaches are still a great attraction for watching the beautiful sunset. As a result of the undertow, other seaside communities in the Riviera Nayarit region have grown quicker than San Pancho when it comes to real estate. However, this brings its own benefits as you won’t find any high-rise buildings or huge hotel complexes. Bed and breakfast type venues make up the rental accommodation as well as bungalows and furnished apartments. The serene and tranquil nature of the town has made San Pancho a great spot for ex-pats who are looking to make the move away from the busy city life.

You can find over 35 eateries in San Pancho offering a wide selection of foods including French and Italian as well as Mexican (of course). With this in mind, it is easy enough to find your favorite foods no matter what your taste is.

San Pancho is a small, yet proud, community and this shows in their assistance to the preservation of native species. Several programs have been set up to achieve this goal including the very first non-profit organization, Grupo Ecologico de la Costa, whose main aim is to aid the marine turtle’s survival. The nesting population of the turtle now stands at 1000 nests per season which is an increase of over 10 times from before the work started. ‘Entre Amigos’ is another program that ultimately helps to increase learning opportunities for families. The group is in charge of a scholarship program, a library, a recycling center, a lab as well as a hub for many classes.

San Francisco Mexico also boasts a polo, equestrian and entertainment facility which has been compared to some of the best facilities in Mexico as well as Las Huertas Golf Course which has nine holes (par of 32) with extraordinary views of the ocean. Most visitors and citizens, however, prefer to lay back, relax on the beach and watch as the sun comes down without a care in the world.