La Penita de Jaltemba Real Estate for Sale

A Typical Mexican Community Slated to Become the Next Hot Riviera Nayarit Tourist Destination!

La Penita de Jaltemba

La Penita is a small beach town located on Jaltemba Bay about 64 kilometers north of Puerto Vallarta. The surrounding area is primarily known for fruit production, mostly banana, pineapple and mango.

La Peñita is the main service community for a wide region ranging from San Pancho (San Francisco) to the south to the small villages in the northern part of Jaltemba Bay. La Penita de Jaltemba provides banking services, grocery stores, vegetable markets, pharmacies, medical and dental care as well as courier services and post offices.

The main street, or “La Avenida” as it is known, runs east – west from the highway to the beach.  A number of tourist shops, clothing stores, shoe stores, restaurants and other merchants have set up shop up and down the street.

A large, shady plaza sits two blocks south of the beach end of la Avenida. Every Thursday, this area is home to a 4-block long tianguis, or street market. Here, you’ll find everything ranging from fresh fruit, seafood, vegetables to housewares, hardware, clothing and arts and crafts.

La Penita Real Estate

Prices for most everything, including real estate, are considerably less in La Penita than in the more-developed areas to the south. However, FONATUR, the Mexican agency responsible for the development at Litibu, has its eyes set on the wide, soft sands of El Capomo beach just north of the village. Their development plan includes first-class hotels and resorts, a golf course, beach clubs, a shopping area and a marina with room for more than 400 yachts.