Lo de Marcos Real Estate for Sale

A tranquil bay where picturesque green hills meet a white sandy beach

Lo de Marcos, Nayarit is known for the natural beauty of its four beaches, Los Venados, Las Minitas, El Atracadero and Lo de Marcos. The beaches are surrounded by picturesque green hills and the peaceful ocean waters make Lo de Marcos a great destination for families with young children. The town is popular with Mexican vacationers from large, urban centers. Many of the rental properties and much of the real estate in the village is Mexican-owned, mostly by well-to-do Guadalajarans.

Lo de Marcos Nayarit began as part of the vast Camarena Hacienda, a huge landholding dedicated to the production of palm oil coconuts. Many of the founding families of the community are descended from workers that came to the area in the early 1920’s to work at harvesting coconuts.

After the large hacienda lands were broken up into communal agricultural lands during the land reforms of the early 1930’s, Lo de Marcos became a fishing village and remained such for many years. Agriculture, fishing and the harvesting of seafood were the primary sources of income until the economy began to shift towards the booming tourist industry.

Many of the international visitors that come to Lo De Marcos are retirees that spend all or part of the winter. Many drive down in their recreational vehicles to spend the season in one of the village’s five RV parks.

In Lo de Marcos, you won’t find the deluxe accommodations, gated communities and multi-million dollar vacation homes available in newer, more exclusive resorts to the south. Here, Mexican-style hotels and villas offer basic accommodation for budget-conscious travelers.
In Lo de Marcos, international tourists from Canada outnumber the Americans. They, like their American counterparts, come mostly from the Western part of the country, although there is a large population of snowbirds from Quebec, which tends to settle on the north end of the beach.

Lo De Marcos Real Estate

Real estate development in Lo de Marcos has lagged behind that of other towns and villages further to the south. Prices for lots and homes in the area are still quite low for a community that’s less than an hour from the Puerto Vallarta airport. However, this is likely to change in the near future with the construction of new roads, changes to land ownership laws making it easier for foreigners to buy and sell property and the massive influx of wealthy baby-boomers that are expected to invest and perhaps retire on Mexico’s Pacific coast in the next decade.

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