Barra de Navidad Real Estate for Sale

A undiscovered gem on the Costa Alegre in Jalisco

Barra de Navidad is a lovely little town situated on a sandbar in a large bay on the coast of Jalisco (Costa Alegre).

A long, curving beach extends the full length of the town and continues across to neighboring Melaque. The southern end of the sandbar ends at the malecón. On the east side of the sandbar is the Laguna de Navidad where canals have been built to service the Hotel Cabo Blanco as well as a number of homes.

The streets of Barra de Navidad are paved with cobblestones and bricks. Many streets are sectioned off for pedestrian or reduced traffic use. There are numerous hotels, restaurants and small shops.

Barra de Navidad is only 20 minutes away from the Manzanillo airport, actually closer to the airport than Manzanillo is. There is also a dirt airstrip just outside of town. The town is served by several bus lines with multiple daily departures.

Note that Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, may sometimes be confused with Barra de Navidad, Oaxaca.