San Sebastian del Oeste Real Estate for Sale

A former colonial mining town that's steeped in history

San Sebastián del Oeste, 47 miles away from Puerto Vallarta, is a great base from which to explore the mountains, valleys, rivers and beautiful landscapes of Jalisco, Mexico.
San Sebastián was founded in 1605.  It was once a prosperous mining center for gold, silver and lead. At its peak, the town had over 20,000 inhabitants, but the population declined after the Mexican Revolution and the closing of most of the mines.
Like Mascota, San Sebastián was officially designated a Pueblo Mágico by Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism because of its cultural richness.

San Sebastián del Oeste Real Estate

San Sebastián has no real estate developments.  However, there are some older haciendas and traditional, colonial-style homes for sale.
Real estate in San Sebastián is outside the Restricted Zone, which means foreigners do not need a bank trust in order to purchase it.