Working From Home

Working From Home

Working From Home: It’s the end of the 9 to 5 as we know it.

Is your #flexspace ready?

The work-from-home schedule is becoming our new standard, whether you are rejoining your office team or shifting into a new position. Thankfully, less is more when it comes to flex space setup, as most tasks can be completed digitally on a computer device. With these easy tricks, it is now simpler than ever to convert any unused space or nook into a dedicated home office and our trusted interior design partners are more than happy to help you with this.

Even if you can still hear and see domestic activities, choosing a place with at least some seclusion can improve focus and productivity. Smaller desks are practical and go with most home decor styles. If you add a small, comfy chair and basic job lighting, you are halfway there.

Think about where you can conduct conference calls and online video meetings. The most key component is your backdrop, so get rid of any distracting furniture or too sentimental items and replace them with a few aesthetically beautiful, neutral accessories to keep your workspace organized and ready to use.

Include things that uplift, inspire, and make you happy so that working is enjoyable rather than unpleasant. To define the area, start with one neutral hue and then add beloved details sparingly. It is not required here if it cannot function in a cubicle at work.

Ensure you have the essentials, such as designated computer connections, garbage cans, and phone chargers, since function always precedes aesthetics.

Flex space home offices can be in a main house, a vacation home, or a rental property. Check out our listings and see what amazing places in paradise can be your next flex home office.

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