Moving to Mexico: Here’s Why You Should Relocate to Sayulita

Moving to Mexico: Here’s Why You Should Relocate to Sayulita

Whether looking for homes for sale or considering purchasing real estate, relocating can be daunting but exciting. It’s one of the best ways to advance your personal or career growth and create new connections while enjoying the change of scenery. This milestone also allows you to declutter and start fresh.

While there’s nothing wrong with relocating to a nearby state or city, one of the best choices you can make is to pack up and settle in Sayulita. This small but lovely Mexican town is best known for its unique charm, stunning sceneries, and hospitable residents. 

If you want to find quality homes for sale, this article will define Sayulita, why people love it, and answer if it’s a safe place. We’ll also discuss if you can purchase real estate here and how to move to this location. 

Sayulita: What Is It and Why People Love It Here

Sayulita is a lovely, charming small town on the Pacific Coast of Nayarit in Mexico, best known for its stunning beaches and scenic views, surrounded by hills and lush greenery. The town also has much to offer tourists, like excellent dining options, historic churches, lively festivals, and a relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, its captivating view encourages people to invest in property or look for homes for sale here! 

This destination is ideal for surfing enthusiasts because the waves suit all skill levels, and the beaches aren’t overcrowded. Non-surfers can also enjoy Sayulita because of the other activities like horseback riding, parasailing, fishing, or just lounging by the shore. Additionally, the town’s size is convenient because everything is within walking distance, and you’ll feel at home thanks to the hospitable locals. 

Do People Enjoy Living in Sayulita?

Like other significant investments, comfort is a top priority when considering to buy homes for sale in Mexico. Fortunately, Sayulita is a secure and safe place for residents and tourists, allowing people to live and travel in the area comfortably.

Besides safety, this small town provides a feeling of belonging and togetherness you usually can’t find in other living spaces, making individuals proudly call Sayulita their home. It’s also best known for being a melting pot of different cultures. Despite the town’s rapid expansion, it still retains its small-town charm. 

Is This Small Town a Good Place to Live or Visit?

Besides being a tourist attraction and excellent surfing opportunities, Sayulita is well-known for its artistic community. Many people consider it one of the country’s most idyllic and secure places, with a reputation for delicious food and hospitable locals. Whether you want to live there permanently or stop for a short visit, Sayulita is an excellent choice for an enjoyable experience. 

Can I Purchase Real Estate Here? 

The cost of real estate in Sayulita depends on the type of residence you want to purchase. It’s not cheap, but the ROI is high due to the demand for rental properties. While buying real estate can be difficult for foreigners, working with a professional real estate expert can make the process easier. 

How to Fly to Sayulita

Since Sayulita has no airport, travelers must fly to Puerta Vallarta, the closest city only about 50 kilometers away. We recommend taking an Uber or arranging transportation through a transfer company or hotel. Many airlines offer flights to Puerto Vallarta from various locations, focusing on those traveling from the United States and Canada.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re flying for a short visit or looking for homes for sale, you deserve to feel safe and enjoy your stay. Visiting or settling in Sayulita can make your life more memorable and comfortable. 

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