Varia Living

Varia Living

Varia Living: Puerto Vallarta Best New Condos For Sale


The city of Puerto Vallarta is broken down into neighborhoods, and we adore the Zona Romantica. Translated to English as the Romantic Zone, this area is located in the southern part of the city between the Rio Cuale and the Pier at Playa Los Muertos. This is the heart of the city and the most diverse slice of everyday Mexican living you can find. One of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the has the newest condos for sale in Puerto Vallarta. Varia Living are luxury, modern residences in the heart of the city. This is a must-see real estate in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta is a dynamic mix of beauty, culture, things to do, and food. This tourist mecca on Mexico’s west coast is popular because it has it all conveniently located and is filled with 5-star amenities. This once-fishing village is now a robust vacation destination that has the beauty of the Pacific Ocean on one side and a lush mountain range on the other, creating a tropical beach oasis.



The Zona Romantica is filled with culture with its cobblestone streets. Tradition that influences architecture and daily life in the old part of Puerto Vallarta. Brimming with life and color, this is a treat for getting to see the best the city has to offer. Tradition is shown through the shops that lie the streets selling their colorful wears, spices erupt your sense from the wonderful scents wafting out of restaurants and vibrant cafes that are wonderful to relax and enjoy the views around you. We have some definite must-sees and know that these are guaranteed a dynamic combination of culture and lively things to do against a postcard-worthy backdrop.

This is the area everyone wants to live in, including one of the newest developments, Varia Living which exudes high-quality vacation living.  We are going to highlight why this is the most vibrant neighborhood through some of our favorites. 


Varia Living is One Of A Kindvaria living is in the zona romantica

Varia stands out because it is the perfect trifecta of convenience, location, and luxury. Elegant architecture highlights the natural beauty of the area. This captures organic design elements bringing the outdoors in. An upscale neural backdrop that emulates tropical vacation living fills these immaculate urban homes and 2-story lofts. There are stamps of creature comforts starting in the lobby and reception area and ending on the rooftop garden oasis. There you can find a sundeck, pool, bar area, firepits, and barbeque area that all have lots of seating and umbrellas. Here you can start a new and exciting social lifestyle in paradise.


Delicious dinner option close to varia living puerto vallarta Our Recommendations

A local hotspot is Bonitos Kitchen & Bar Zona Romantica at V. Carranza 512. This is hands down the best local eatery to stop at for the best Asian dishes in town. There is a large selection of small plates, boa buns, potstickers, dumplings, and rice bowls. The bright and fresh flavors are a meld of Mexican cuisine with Vietnamese and other Asian-inspired flavors. This makes for a delicious dinner with its off-the-beaten-path offerings. One of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and a delicious example of its dynamic food scene.


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The MexHome promise is simple. We make it our job to know all the local ins and outs of real estate in Puerto Vallarta. This enables us to maximize your dollar. We are experts because of our immense experience. That means we know how to make buying your next dream home or investment property easy. MexHome is with you every step of the way and we do not stop until the keys to your new slice of heaven are in your hand. That means we are with you begining to end making this an easy experience. We are excited to start the process with you and can not wait to show you Varia Living Puerto Vallarta in person. Contact us today to talk about the fantastic real estate for sale in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta.

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