Project Management 101

Project Management 101

Project Management 101: End-to-End Logistics

A careful balancing act between practicalities, money, and taste must be performed while managing any interior design or furniture project for a house, vacation home, or rental property. Suppose you have ever finished a remodeling plan, landscaping project, or even a scratch building. You already know that adorning a home in paradise involves much more than just pinning lovely images to your Pinterest boards.

Intuitive Details: A Sanctuary for Owners and GuestsInterior design services in Mexico.

The logistics, finishing touches, and last-minute details include several problems. We ensure the whole process is smooth when dealing with homeowners relocating to Mexico or decorating vacation homes in paradise by taking care of some of the most time-consuming and possibly difficult steps in the background. What is covered by your White Glove Install:

Window Treatments

Avoid choosing window coverings before seeing them. Ripplefold sheers and blinds differ in quality. Each panel’s finishing, installation, and guarantee vary significantly; how they are ordered, fitted into each window opening, and, most importantly, maintained during the service plan all matter.

Interior Paint

No, your favorite waiter is unable to manage your painting work. Choosing colors is a true work of art. Our interior paint estimates also include paint & patch testing, a multi-day procedure that must be verified in various lighting situations, including day, night, direct sunlight, and indirect light. Our Sherwin-Williams-trained team applies two quality coats of latex paint, guaranteeing that all rooms have washable surfaces and an appearance that will endure for many years.

Interior design services through our trusted partners.Appliances Selection and Purchase

Know your Mabe from your Maytag, little one? There are differences in the brands and sizes of equipment cavities. If your floor plan is unclear, measurements of the room and door frames were taken on the site will be required to ascertain precisely which models will fit your new house. Add in the shipping and installation wait times and additional wait times. Then wait for one more Or go to the beach and let the experts handle it!

Electronics Purchase and Install

Call a driver, get your mask, and be ready to wait in line. The model you saw online is not in the shop, so prepare for disappointment. When you are finally curbside, you will need to figure out how to get your enormous 75″ flatscreen across town to your new home. You can wind up with a messy, tangled mess of cords and connections accumulating dust beneath your gadgets if you are not skilled at running wires or embedding cables into the wall. Thankfully, there is a better approach.

Mattress Selection

Knowing how mattresses are made on the inside and what features, advantages, and warranties are best for you, both now and in the future, is much preferable to trying mattresses out for size at a shop. To identify your unique sleep habits, the desired degree of quality, and the appropriate pricing range, use our proprietary Mattress Picker Guide. All this without struggling to carry it up a flight of steps or stuff it into an elevator. Our partners provide a broad range of choices, including premium Black Label alternatives, Beautyrest, Sealy, and highly regarded private-label manufacturers.

Bedding, bath, kitchen, and tabletop

Yes, the finer points are important. Finding all you need for your new life in paradise might be difficult. With our trusted design partners beginnings menu, buying basic items like mattress pads, pillow protectors, safe-to-cook cookware that does not carry heat, breakable stemware, sheets, and coverlets in standard international sizes is a no-brainer. All are authorized by the rental agency and cost roughly the same as independent shopping. This is how to do it: avoid the bulky luggage packed to the brim with household goods and save yourself the exorbitant baggage costs.

Art and AccessoriesInterior design services through our trusted partners.

Shopping locally and adding your touches may be enjoyable. Did you realize it? Our trusted interior design partners provide a wide range of locally manufactured artisanal pillows, hammocks, bespoke woodwork, and original artwork directly from galleries and artists. All of these items are chosen with our expert decorator eye and harmonized with the unique design concept of your project. Create a space that feels like home by incorporating your particular style and using color.

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