Why Mexico City Is Safer than You’ve Been Led to Believe

Why Mexico City Is Safer than You’ve Been Led to Believe

Mexico City has a long, renowned history of having a diverse culture, energetic street life, and mouth-watering cuisines. On the other hand, it has also endured a bad reputation for its image as a dangerous city with a high percentage of crime and violence associated with drugs. 

But the reality is that Mexico City is much safer than what’s depicted in the media, and this article explores why it’s better than you’ve been led to believe.

Reduced Crime Rates in Recent Years

A big reason why Mexico City is safer now is due to the significant reduction in crime rates in recent years. Official statistics show that since 2012, Mexico City’s homicide rate has dropped by 50 percent. 

The overall crime rate has also dropped by around 30 percent in the past decade. This positive trend is due to various factors, such as increased police presence, better law enforcement, and social programs aimed at reducing poverty and inequality.

Improved Public Safety Measures

Another reason why Mexico City is safer is due to the improved public safety measures implemented by the local government. For instance, the government has increased the number of police officers on the streets, particularly in high-crime areas. 

This has helped to deter criminals and make people feel safer. The city has installed more surveillance cameras and implemented a “smart city” program that uses technology to monitor crime and respond quickly to emergencies.

Increased Tourism and Economic Growth

In recent years, tourism and economic growth have soared in Mexico City. This has increased employment opportunities and improved the local economy. 

As a result, crime rates have decreased as more people have become employed and have less of a need to turn to crime. The tourism industry has also brought in more revenue, which has allowed the government to invest in public safety measures and infrastructure.

Safe Neighborhoods and Areas

You will love this vast metropolis with many different neighborhoods and areas, each with its unique character and culture. While some areas may have a higher crime rate, there are also many safe neighborhoods and areas where tourists and locals can feel safe and enjoy the city’s offerings. 

For instance, the Polanco neighborhood is known for its upscale restaurants, hotels, and shops and is one of the city’s safest neighborhoods.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

The Teotihuacan Pyramids, the Frida Kahlo Museum, and the National Museum of Anthropology are some of the city’s cultural and historic landmarks. Each year, these sites bring in millions of visitors and provide a window into Mexico’s rich history and culture. 

It has also invested in public safety measures around these attractions to ensure visitors feel safe while exploring them.

Local Community Efforts

Many neighborhoods have formed community groups and worked together with police and government officials to improve safety in their areas. These groups organize neighborhood watches and provide support to those in need. 

By working together, these communities have helped to reduce crime rates and make their neighborhoods safer.

Increased International Cooperation

Mexico City has also benefited from increased international cooperation in the fight against crime. The city and other governments have collaborated closely to share knowledge and best practices for enhancing public safety. 

For instance, the city and the United States have worked together on projects like the Merida Initiative, which aims to combat drug trafficking and organized crime. These partnerships have led to improvements in law enforcement and public safety measures, making Mexico City a safer place to live and visit.


Mexico City is safer than many people might think, and it has much to offer travelers and newcomers. While you need to exercise caution and be mindful of your surroundings, there’s no reason to be afraid to explore this interesting city.

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