Keywords For Buying a House in Mexico

Keywords For Buying a House in Mexico

3 Keywords Decoded When Buying a House in Mexico

We want to match you to your dream property and decode keywords used so you understand when buying a house in Mexico. Buying real estate in Mexico is not complicated. It does not matter if you have completed this process before or doing it for the first time. Through the exciting process of buying your tropical paradise, there can be a lot to learn and we want to share our knowledge with you. With the purchase of real estate, you will encounter keywords that are being repeated and some can be easy to understand but we thought we would share our top keywords that are used in this process and what they mean. Purchasing your home in paradise is simple and understanding the process makes it even easier by offering a guide to real estate in Mexico.

Here is what we have learned are some of the most important vocabulary keywords used when buying a house in Mexico.

Knowing What an Apostille, Notario Publico and The

Public Registry Are and Why They Are Important in Mexico When Buying A House

Starting a Notario Publico is where everything begins when purchasing a house in Mexico. All property transactions in Mexico are overseen and completed by a Notario Publico. They are the legal entity that reviews all the required documents that relate to a real estate transaction. This means there is assurance that all documents are valid, have been double-checked and everything is done according to Mexican law. Additionally, Notario Publico collects the tax for the property transaction and forwards the money to the (Mexican) tax authorities.

Next, when buying a house in Mexico, the word apostille comes up during the transaction process. An apostille stamp verifies the signatures and stamps that are on legal certificates and documents to be authentic. This means, all documents and certificates are original and the signature of the certifier has been corroborated. An apostille stamp can be requested on some documents during the mortgage process. Our partners work with a trusted vendor that is approved to apostille documents in all 50 US states.

Lastly, our final vocabulary word used when buying a house in Mexico is the Public Registry. They are referenced mostly regarding the titling of a property, and for most, their meaning is not clear. The Public Registry is a government office that houses documents about the current land title and its previous ownership. They are comparable to a County Recorder’s Office in the United States. In Mexico, deeds are open to the public and can be researched in these offices. During every real estate transaction, Notario Publico searches the title of the property home-buying for the previous 10 years to verify that there are no liens recorded against it. This also verifies that the seller can transfer ownership.

Knowing keywords and buying a home in Mexico

Just Like Decoding Keywords for Buying a House in Mexico, We Know the Home Buying Process

For us, we want to help define some basics that are home-buying fundamentals that aid a confident buyer. We use this and our expert knowledge of the process as the first step in your new lifestyle. We know the home-buying process. Experts beginning to end, we do not stop working for you. We start the dream home buying process by looking at your budget and securing financing if necessary. Next, we bring your dream to life. By answering questions so we know what your preferences are for location, style of home, amenities, budget, and lifestyle wants and needs, we can move on to the next step.  The search is on and we use our vast resources and local market knowledge to turn your dream into a reality.

We are committed to getting you the best possible value for your dollar so you have a profitable investment. An offer is made when you find your tropical paradise and we work for you with our extensive experience and negotiation skills. At this point, we work to get your offer accepted using our understanding of the local market. When the offer is accepted, you can move to the next steps in the home-buying process.  You should have a timeline for when conditions like inspections and financing will be completed. When all the conditions are fulfilled, the offer becomes a legally binding contract. Lastly, we are with you at the Notario to complete the closing process. We guide you through and are there every step of the way. We are in the purchasing process with you until the keys to your dream home are in your hand.

The MexHome Difference

Our decoded keywords for understanding and purchasing a house in Mexico take the mystery out of these small but vital details. The vocabulary we use to buy a house in Mexico is not complicated. Combined with outlining the purchase process, buying a house in Mexico and property with us is easy. Our agents are excited to assist you with anything necessary to help make this process as smooth as possible. Get in contact with us and see the amazing homes for sale in Mexico we have to offer.

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