Harbor 171 Ocean Front Residences

Harbor 171 Ocean Front Residences

Harbor 171 Ocean Front Residences: The New Hotspot in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

Puerto Vallarta is the heart of the west coast of Mexico. That is because beauty and nature intertwine in a city known for its fun activities in and out of the water, great restaurants, shopping, and vibrant nightlife making living here easy. Beginning with an adventure into real estate in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta, check out this must-see. With new residences coming on the market, we are excited to share Harbor 171 Ocean Front Residences Puerto Vallarta with you as some of the best condos we have for sale in the area.

Location Is Everythingharbor 171 has some of the best views for real estate in mexico and condos in puerto vallarta

The perfect property is a combination of many factors. The main reason is its location. That means it is centrally located to traditional creature comforts like grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping malls. Harbor 171 is located in the Hotel Zone. The Hotel Zone runs from the Marina in the north to Centro in the south. That means it has the best location for excellent goods and services. A mere 15 minutes from the airport, it is also only 5 minutes from the Malecon. This is a smack dab in the middle of everything. Additionally, this property is in front of a beautiful neighborhood called Versalles. Versalles is one of the fastest-growing areas of Puerto Vallarta real estate. It has a top-notch culinary scene, and a fantastic ability to walk everywhere, shops, co-working, and cafes.

Versalles is a beautiful example of a traditional quaint Mexican neighborhood. Because it is located on the opposite side of the highway from Harbor 171, that means that it is not an area filled with all-inclusive resorts. Instead, this is an area where you can experience a great slice of everyday life. With a friendly, local vibe that is enchanting, it is an amazing neighborhood to discover and live in. In an area that has an abundance of variety of restaurants, we are excited to share some of what we adored.

MexHome Recommendations

For A DrinkGreat spot to grab a drink close to Harbor 171

We discovered a fun spot for a drink: Los Cuentos Cerverceria & Taproom. Located on Lucerna 131A this dynamic brewery has made its hand-crafted artisanal beer shine and is only a 10-minute walk from Harbor 171. Based on the premise that quality and flavor can blend with Mexican tradition is astounding. Each beer flavor comes with different notes and flavor profiles that highlight this cultural experience.

Additionally, each beer has its unique folklore tale. That means they are bringing to life stories from long ago that show the roots of this now tourist mecca. In addition, to sharing its culture, this amazing brewery leaves you coming back again and again. There is a uber-friendly atmosphere where the service is impeccable and married with its fun flavors of beer there is also a full bar and a wonderful menu that pairs with the beer elevating the flavors through pairing them with traditional Mexican delicacies. That means a menu that features small plates and bites is a wonderful reflection of traditional culture.

Delicious dinner option close to the best condos for sale in puerto vallartaFor A Bite

Off the beaten path is a gem of a restaurant. Budaixi is located on Hamburgo 155, this is a unique flavor profile. Offering a menu of what they dub Taiwanese Soul food, this is a delicious blend of oriental flavors. Their menu is filled with delicious ramen bowls, wontons, bao buns, and dumplings it is hard to decide what to order. Making simple flavors that are rich and flavorful without being heavy, it is the perfect hot-weather food and one of our favorite dining options in Versalles. This small restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere and flavors that are out of the ordinary in Puerto Vallarta. Relying on their roots, we can be transported to Asia through these clean flavors that are elevated through their use of traditional ingredients and cooking methods. A must-try for anyone wanting a delicious meal off the beaten path.

The MexHome Differenceharbor 171 puerto vallarta is great real estate in mexico

We know real estate in Mexico and prioritize making this process easy from beginning to end. This is because we are experts by combining experience, knowledge of our local markets, and all the ins and outs that come with it. We are with you every step of the way and do not stop until the keys to your new dream house or investment property are in your hands. We are excited to talk to you today about the amazing condos for sale in Puerto Vallarta and in particular, Harbor 171 Ocean Front Residences. Contact us today to see real estate in Mexico and one of the last true beachfront properties in Puerto Vallarta in person. This is an exciting chance to step into paradise and 5-star living.

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