Living in Puerto Vallarta: A Guide to the Paradise by the Beach

Living in Puerto Vallarta: A Guide to the Paradise by the Beach

Located in Jalisco on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta is known for its rich culture, beautiful beaches, and friendly locals. This coastal city has become a popular destination for both tourists and expats looking for a laid-back lifestyle. If you’re considering moving to Puerto Vallarta, here are some things you need to know:

Climate and Weather

Puerto Vallarta is known for its tropical climate, averaging 80°F (27°C) all year round. The rainy season starts from June until October, with most rainfalls happening in September and October. During this time, the humidity can be quite high, but the rain usually lasts only a few hours and then clears up. Meanwhile, expect low rainfall from November to May, with December to February being the coolest months.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Puerto Vallarta is relatively low compared to other coastal cities in North America. However, it can vary depending on your lifestyle and the area you choose to live in. The most expensive areas are the beachfront properties and the touristy areas, while the cheaper areas can be found on the city’s outskirts. The cost of food, transportation, and healthcare is also lower than in most North American cities.


From luxury beachfront properties to more affordable apartments and houses in the suburbs, Puerto Vallarta has a wide range of housing options. The most popular areas to live in are the Romantic Zone, Old Town, and Nuevo Vallarta. The Romantic Zone is the most central and has a vibrant nightlife and cultural scene. Old Town is known for its charming cobblestone streets and traditional architecture, while Nuevo Vallarta is a newer area with modern amenities and luxury resorts.


Puerto Vallarta has a diverse cultural heritage, mixing Mexican and international influences. This city’s vibrant art scene thrives, as many galleries and museums feature both local and international artists. The food in Puerto Vallarta is also diverse, with both traditional Mexican cuisine and international dishes available. The city also has a strong LGBT+ community known for its open and accepting culture.


Living in Puerto Vallarta means having access to lush mountains, pristine beaches, and tropical forests while being surrounded by natural beauty. The city is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as surfing, snorkeling, and hiking. There are also many cultural activities to enjoy, such as art walks, live music performances, and traditional festivals. Puerto Vallarta is also home to many excellent restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, making it easy to socialize and meet new people.


Puerto Vallarta has a reliable public transportation system, with buses and taxis available throughout the city. The buses are inexpensive and run frequently, making it easy to get around. Taxis are also affordable, but be sure to negotiate the price before getting in; they do not have meters. If you choose to drive, renting a car would be wise, but be aware that traffic can be congested in some areas.

Key Takeaway

It’s no secret that Puerto Vallarta offers a unique combination of natural beauty, rich culture, and affordable living. If you’re looking for a laid-back lifestyle with plenty of activities and opportunities to explore, this paradise by the beach might be the place to call home.

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