10 Tips for Staying Safe While Driving in Mexico

10 Tips for Staying Safe While Driving in Mexico

10 Tips for Staying Safe While Driving in Mexico

We all can drive carefully, obey traffic laws and not cause accidents. However, there is always room for improvement. Here are ten tips to help bring out the best in you when traveling in Mexico. Don’t forget your Mexico car insurance is easy to get through our trusted partners who are experts in insurance solutions..


1. Take care of your car

 If you perform the service described in the user manual. In this case, you reduce the risk of possible mistakes, because they check the basic safety points (brakes, oil level, tires, etc.).


2. Check that the tire pressure is correct

Many modern cars already tell you this on the dashboard, so don’t make excuses and keep it. If you don’t have the right pressure it can cause an accident and you need car insurance in Mexico.


4. Keep the tank full

You never know if something will happen along the way or if some traffic jam will force you to take a longer route than usual. If so, you’ll want to make sure you have enough fuel to drive without stopping, especially at night, at a gas station. Unlike in the US, you may have to drive long distances to get to the next gas station.


4. Providing roadside assistance

If you have a flat tire, run out of gas, have mechanical problems, or need to be towed, make sure your car policy in Mexico offers roadside assistance. Remember to call the police and stay in the car, don’t get out! I know there are well-meaning people out there, this may seem extreme, but it’s better to be safe. 


5. Plan your route

Especially if you’re going somewhere you don’t know. We all have smartphone apps that allow us to plan the best route before leaving home. Remember, you are no longer in the US or Canada. Mobile service may be unreliable in some areas, so your route may not always be available.


6. Always lock your car when entering

If your car door does not lock automatically, you should lock it as soon as you get into it. If something happens while driving in Mexico, call your auto insurance company immediately.


7. Turn on the cabin lights at night

If possible, set the interior lights to turn on immediately after opening the locks. The lights turn on when the car is unlocked so you can see inside the unit before entering.


8. Keep valuables out of the front seat

Keep bags, backpacks, laptops, etc. behind or under the seat. Depending on your car insurance coverage, personal belongings may be covered in case of theft.


9. Don’t forget to charge your phone

Whenever possible, carry a charged phone and a spare car charger. Just remember not to text or call (unless you have to because your phone’s battery is low). Some cities in Mexico have hands-free driving laws and the police will issue you a ticket. 


10. Be aware of where you park your car during the day

If you forget, take a photo of the aisle and lot number where you parked so it’s easy to retrieve your car. Most cars these days have remote control buttons, and most have a panic button to press if you can’t find your vehicle. Also, don’t cross the parking lot while texting. Distraction is a criminally perfect moment, don’t do it!

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