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Las Varas

Set in the heart of the Sierra de Vallejo, Las Varas is where many different roads that lead to the various beaches of the Riviera Nayarit converge. Unlike the nearby beach towns, this traditional Mexican town does not cater to the tourist trade. Be ready to practice your Spanish!

Las Varas was originally a hacienda (estate) and only formally became a town in March, 1935. The town and surrounding area is still primarily dedicated to agriculture, with vast fields of beans and tobacco as well as fruit orchards encircling it. As you approach town, the landscapes of country living will also inspire you to explore the Mataiza Lagoon, by either taking a boat ride or camping along its shore.

Because the town is further inland, nighttime temperatures can drop lower than those in the neighboring beach towns. However, daytime highs are mild all year round.

Las Varas Real Estate

Real estate in Las Varas is priced much more modestly than other areas in the Riviera Nayarit. It is a hard-working community with strong family ties – making it an excellent choice for buyers on a budget.