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Gringo Gulch, Puerto Vallarta

Charming, cobblestoned streets and authentic Vallarta charm

Gringo Gulch refers to a popular area in the hills above Old Town Puerto Vallarta whose entrance can be found at the corner of Carranza and Zaragoza streets. Gringo Gulch is a great place from which to enjoy views of the magnificent city below as well as the surrounding mountains and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

The neighborhood is comprised of a number of colonial-style villas and houses. These are typically white with tiled roofs and covered with bougainvillea.

The most famous villa in Gringo Gulch can be found at Calle Zaragoza 446. During the filming of the movie The Night of the Iguana, the film that put Puerto Vallarta on the tourist destination radar, one of the film’s actors, Richard Burton, purchased the home for Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor. They actually owned two neighboring homes and built a bridge over the street to connect them.

Gringo Gulch Real Estate

Gringo Gulch boasts many beautiful, upscale homes. The community’s narrow, cobblestoned streets and tasteful, traditional dwellings take you back to an authentic time before Puerto Vallarta was “discovered” by the masses.