Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta

A vibrant and colorful colonia that's bustling with activity

Emiliano Zapata, also known as Olas Altas, the Romantic Zone, Basilio Badillo, South Side or Old Town, is one of the most happening colonias in Puerto Vallarta. It has the highest concentration of restaurants and bars in the greater Puerto Vallarta area.

A city within a city, Emiliano Zapata consists of a 9 x 9-block grid south of the Rio Cuale. From elementary schools to universities, 24/7 drugstores to hospitals, humble abodes to high-rises, Emiliano Zapata is as multi-faceted as it gets.

Although dynamic and cosmopolitan, enough of Old Vallarta remains in Emiliano Zapata’s soul to encourage you to relax your pace. The Cuale river wraps around the neighborhood and, along with the small Libramiento tunnel, serves as its eastern boundary. On the opposite end, it meets Los Muertos, Puerto Vallarta’s most popular beach.

There is no shortage of things to do in Emiliano Zapata. You can hang out on Los Muertos Beach during the day or browse the many shops and boutiques that line its streets. You’ll find many fine restaurants featuring foods from around the world as well as taco stands and family-operated eateries for the more budget-conscious visitor. Nights are also action-packed with plenty of bars and clubs to party-down, Mexican-style.

Emiliano Zapata Real Estate

As urban development progresses north and south of Puerto Vallarta, Emiliano Zapata’s privileged terrain has sheltered it from excessive expansion. The neighborhood has retained much of its Old World charm making it a must-see for first-time visitors to Puerto Vallarta. And for residents and seasoned visitors, a walk through its cobblestoned roads is a perfect way to rejoice and remember the fact that this is, after all, as typical as Mexican neighborhoods get.