Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home: 8 Tips From the Pros To Be Prepared

Every seller wants a fast sale at their asking price – but it takes careful planning to ensure your home is looking its best. Use these 8 tips to sell your home that can spruce it up and wow potential buyers when showing your home. We know how to sell your home and maximize your return.

Get a Home Inspection

Be sure to have a home inspection done. An inspector will inform you about any issues and give you valuable suggestions. Ensure all repairs are done before putting your home on the market. In some cases, you may have to release the inspection report to the buyers.

Get Replacement Estimates

So, your home has been inspected, but you can’t afford the repairs. Nevertheless, get estimates for the work. The figures can be disclosed to the potential buyers and they can decide if they want to make the extra investment. Assemble any user manuals and any valid warranties for any appliances that are being sold with the house.

Make Minor Repairs

selling your home with MexHomeIf you can afford to make a few small fixes, we recommend that you do so. Little things like a door that’s hard to open, dripping faucets, and damaged screens can be done over time while your house is on the market. These may seem trivial, but your buyers will be thankful. Too many small repairs will give them the impression that you don’t maintain your home.

Clear Out the Clutter

Clear your kitchen counters, and remove clothes and toys from your closet. Put any unnecessary furniture in storage – especially large pieces. The idea is to depersonalize your home and make it look as generic as possible so that buyers can imagine what it would be like if they were living there. Buyers want to see the home, not all your stuff!

Do a Thorough CleanSell your home

This tip should go without saying. Buyers will look the other way if they see cobwebs in every corner, Junior’s fingerprints on the walls, or a messy kitchen. Buyers want to feel welcome and you want them to focus on the positive aspects of the home. We recommend a professional cleaning service if the investment isn’t too much.

If a cleaning service is beyond your reach, be sure to wash windows and leave them open to air out the home. Humid areas, especially in tropical climes, are prone to mold and mildew causing unpleasant odors and toxic mold. Clean carpeting and drapes to eliminate any lingering smells, mop, and wax floors, and give your stove and refrigerator a thorough clean.

Pay attention to the details, too. Clean inside the cabinets, shelves, and bathrooms – and don’t forget the garage!

Add Color to Brighten Your Rooms

Repaint all your rooms in a warm, off-white color. This will make the home feel more welcoming. Accessorize, but don’t clutter. Try some vibrantly-embroidered pillows on the living room couches, a colorful blanket folded on the end of the bed, or a bouquet for a table or countertop. Make sure all your lights are bright to so that all your rooms are well-lit.

Set the Scene

Make your house feel like a home. Set your dining room table with elegant dishes and perhaps add a centerpiece of flowers. Replace heavy curtains with light ones that let in more lightReplace your old shower curtain in the bathroom

In the bathroom, replace your old shower curtain with something nice and fresh. Put out a nice set of new towels and fancy guest soaps. Make sure your toiletries are out of sight.

Make your home smell nice and fresh with some incense or scented candles. You could also boil some water with a bit of vanilla mixed in. If you have pets, refresh their bedding and place some type of air freshener where your pets enjoy lounging. Clean the couches, rugs, and carpets thoroughly to eliminate any pet fur and odors.

Make the Entrance Grand

First impressions are important and they can happen before prospective buyers even enter your home. Keep your lawn mowed and your gardens maintained. If you don’t have a flower bed or potted plants, add a pot of bright flowers by the entrance to your home. Replace things like new doormats and door stoppers.

Selling your home in Mexico

Selling With MexHome

It does not matter if you are a savvy investor or this is your first time selling your house in Mexico. To be able to this maximize profit and ease, we know how to take care of you. That includes our tips for selling your home and that we understand local market trends. We understand the ins and outs of real estate in Mexico. When selling property in a foreign country, especially one whose official language is different than your own, a real estate brokerage with agents who are experts in the local market as well as who are fluent in both is a plus. By having both native speakers in English and Spanish who are fully bilingual in both, we can offer the advantage of a smooth, successful transaction from beginning to end by always being able to communicate and negotiate to our fullest. At MexHome, we work for you. We know how to get the most value out of your dollar. This all starts by connecting with one of our agents. We can not wait to talk with you, contact us today to sell your home!


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