Mexican Street Food

Mexican Street Food

A Guide to Some of Our Favorite Mexican Street Food

The Best Mexico Has to Offer

Mexico is a country that is culturally rich and diverse. This encompasses its music, art, dance, and culinary delights. Mexico’s cuisine changes as to the region you are in. It focuses on fresh ingredients that are carefully prepared to bring out their best flavor. Regional specialties are as vast as the types of salsas you can find here. They all boil down to the fact that your taste buds will be dancing for joy with our favorite street food scene in Mexico.

We are going to go over a couple of our favorite Mexican street food options that can be found throughout the country and are guaranteed crowd-pleasers for an easy snack or more. Mexican street food culture is more than just tacos and the simplicity of our favorites brings this to life. Falling in love with street food is easy. Let your stomach guide you to your new lifestyle and your dream in paradise. We have amazing homes for sale in Mexico.

Tamalestamale in mexico

The first favorite Mexican street food is tamales. Using a ground corn mixture called masa, the same that is used to make corn tortillas, is put into hydrated corn husks. In southern Mexico, they are put into banana leaves. Then, the filling is added. This changes drastically depending on your likes and location. You can typically find them filled with different stewed meats, beans, and cheese-wrapped-up cooked veggies. Upon eating these wrapped-up delicacies, you only have to open them and utmost add salsa. Additionally, these favorites can be found in a sweet variety that is generally either sweet corn flavor, pineapple, or strawberry. A fun-filled treat to delight your senses, this natural meal to go is found throughout our local towns.

street tacos in MexicoTacos

Tacos are the most recognized and ultimate Mexican street food. They are a handheld meal of wrapping your favorite filling (or guisado in Spanish) in a corn tortilla. There are stewed meats like chicken in red sauce, birria, or suadero. There are grilled meats like al pastor or carne asada. Then there are also favorites like adobada and chorizo. Additionally, most places offer at least one veggie option. It can range from potatoes, rajas in a cream sauce, mushroom, cactus, and squash blossom to huitlacoche. Our favorite street food in Mexico is a taco of huitlacoche which is a type of mushroom that grows on corn and is then sauteed with onions and tomatoes. There is generally a salsa bar with lots of topping to offer along with onion, cilantro, and lime.

Fruta Picada

However, the best, light Mexican street food snack great for the tropics: is fruta picada. Translated to English as cut-up fruit that is sold in a cup, this is a refreshing snack. Depending on the time of year, there are different goodies to fill your cup. Generally, you can find pineapple, papaya, watermelon, cucumber, melon, jicama, cucumber, and depending on the time of year mango. The cut-up fruit of your choice goes into a cup and then can be eaten or topped with the traditional Mexican toppings of chile, lime, salt, or tajin (a dried flavorful mix of not spicy chiles, lime, and salt).

Crepascrepa in Mexico

Our following recommendation is crepes. This translates to crepes and is widely available with many stands that pop up in the evening. They generally offer both sweet and savory options. The sweet is always our favorite. With options that range from strawberries and bananas topped with peanut butter or Nutella or condensed milk with whip cream, this is an easy favorite. Done shocking well, this handheld to-go treat will delight your senses and your sweet tooth.

churro mexican street foodChurros

Lastly, for Mexican street food, we love the sweet dessert snack of churros. It is a pastry dough that is fried and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Generally, they are sold in a long coil or as a hollow tube that can be filled. The typical fillings are sweetened condensed milk (called la lechera, in Spanish), chocolate sauce, or caramel (called cajeta in Spanish). This is a yummy sweet treat to finish your night in paradise.

Fall in love with Food you can Buy on the Street in Mexico and Find your Dream Home

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All of these foods and tons more are available every day as Mexican street food evolves. The street food culture is strong here with many people bringing their traditional cooking out of the house. There is a thriving street food scene in Mexico. The deliciousness that represents Mexican cuisine is bound to amaze you and make your taste buds sing. Contact us to see the Mexico real estate for sale that gives you your tropical slice of paradise.

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