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Soho PV

The Residences at Soho Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is the vacation destination on Mexico’s west coast that has the best real estate. Nestled between the jungle and the Pacific Ocean, this is a slice of paradise where it is fun to start a new and exciting lifestyle. The city of Puerto Vallarta has converted itself from a small fishing village to a luxury destination with great amenities and lots to do. While the city is made up of different neighborhoods and there are lots of fun aspects throughout it, we are enamored with the Zona Romantica in the southern part of Puerto Vallarta. A new stunning property, in the Zona Romantica real estate, is Soho PV.

Soho PV, Puerto Vallarta real estate.Located in the Heart of the City

The Zona Romantica of Puerto Vallarta translates to English as the Romantic Zone. This area is located in the southern part of the city between the Rio Cuale and the Pier at Playa Los Muertos. For us, this is the heart of the city and one of the most diverse slices of everyday Mexican living you can find. Additionally, it has some of our favorite examples of Puerto Vallarta real estate.

The Zona Romantica is an area that is rich in culture. Lined with cobblestone streets and tradition, there are reflections of this in its architecture and daily life. The old part of Puerto Vallarta is brimming with life and color making it a treat to know this part of the city. Tradition is shown through the shops that line the streets selling their colorful wears and the spices erupt your senses from the scents wafting out of restaurants and vibrant cafes. They are wonderful to relax in and enjoy the sight and sounds in this neighborhood.

Everyone wants to live in this area of Puerto Vallarta real estate, especially the residences at Soho PV. This is a head-turning property and a gorgeous example of homes for sale in the Zona Romantica. In addition to being a one-of-a-kind property with an amazing location, there is a delicious spot for breakfast nearby. This is a great way to start the day so you can take in all the neighborhood has to offer. That ranges from various water activities to shopping, hanging out at the beach, walking the streets, people watching, taking an art walk, and more.

The Best Way to Start Your Day breakfast in the zona romantica close to many homes for sale

A favorite of locals and visitors alike is within walking distance of Soho PV. Freddy Tucan’s is a great place to grab a delicious breakfast or something from their bakery. They have an upscale diner-like atmosphere and serve a menu that has almost every breakfast option. Along with that, they offer all the traditional Mexican favorites. A local hot spot, they offer up a wide variety of tasty dishes.

We enjoyed the omelets and chilaquiles, finding them along with their coffee selection to be some of the best in town. From their fresh flavors to a menu that has everything, plus being located centrally within the heart of the Zona Romantica, this a place that you will come back to again and again. It does not matter if looking for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, their culinary simplicity leaves you wanting more.

Why is Soho PV one of a kind?Soho PV; real estate in Zona Romantica, Puerto Vallarta and Mexico.

Soho PV is a modern take on upscale vacation living and an amazing piece of real estate in Mexico. Filled with light, this is a beautiful condo building in the heart of the Zona Romantica real estate. From the well-appointed spaces to its bright and airy architecture that highlight the natural beauty, we can not get enough of Soho PV. It is a high-end residence that is not lacking 5-star amenities inside or outside the units.

There are generous, well-designed patios and terrazas throughout creating a true indoor-outdoor living experience. Additionally, every room has high-end finishes with an eye for detail creating a resort-like vibe. The outside is just as impressive with its star being the rooftop oasis. They have one of the best pools in Puerto Vallarta. Also, their cabanas give unparallel views of Puerto Vallarta and the Bahia de Banderas.

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Soho PV, real estate in puerto vallarta and mexico.At MexHome, we know how to turn dream homes into new lifestyles with real estate in Puerto Vallarta. Whether it is your new home or investment property, we use our expertise and local knowledge. This maximizes your dollar in real estate in Mexico. Contact us today to see for yourself the refined luxury of Soho PV and the Zona Romantica real estate.

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