Sayulita Restaurants

Sayulita Restaurants

What’s for Dinner? Not Just Tacos, A Little Bit of Everything in Sayulita Dinner Options

Sayulita, Mexico is on the Riviera Nayarit and offers a variety of spectacular culinary options we unquestionably adore. This boho-chic beach town has amazing sun, surf, and sand with endless entertainment during the day. By night, many unique and diverse food options can be found that we want to recommend. First, we encountered mouth-watering street tacos but then found that there are also many different options when it comes to dinner choices at the Sayulita restaurants. Furthermore, we have great recommendations that showcase the delectable diversity that can be found on the Nayarit coast. Check out our recommendations for Sayulita, Mexico restaurants along with our homes for sale in Sayulita.

Our Recommendations of the Best Sayulita Restaurants

sushi in sayulita

San Sushi

Located on Calle Revolucion 4. It is in the heart of Sayulita, and directly on the plaza. Upon entering, we were greeted by friendly staff and icy air conditioning. This leads us to a wonderful treat on a tropical night. Next, we found that there is a fun bar to sit at or tables for larger crowds. Offering a complete Japanese menu with fresh seafood, the options are endlessly delicious. For us, the large variety of rolls and salads were crowd pleasers. Lastly, we thought the service was great and the staff offered interesting recommendations that we all enjoyed. We know they will prove to be a delicious option any night and a must-try Sayulita restaurant scene with delicious dining options.

shrimp tacos for dinner in sayulita


Located on Calle Delfines 21. We were charmed from the first moment because it is on one of the quintessential Sayulita streets. Located on a mostly walking street, there is colorful art called papel picado strung across it covering the block. Papel picado is a traditional Mexican cutout banner made from paper or plastic that is vibrant in colors and design. They offer dinner options inside and outside and a menu highlighting fresh seafood, we always find something we love. We were surprised at how friendly they were to dietary restrictions.

Above all, we loved the tacos and tostadas, they were a delightful treat. Everything on the menu left us wanting more. We thought their food used fresh ingredients that had been thoughtfully prepared along and they had attentive wait staff. Lastly, we can not forget that in addition to dinner choices, we adored the great cocktail menu and full bar so the night is bound to be fun while soaking up a picturesque view at this Sayulita restaurant.

pub food dinner choice in sayulita mexico

Public House

Located on Calle Marlin 26. This is another gem that is found in the heart of Sayulita. This fun spot was a perfect place to treat ourselves to authentic pub food. We found it did not matter if you were in for a quick bite and drink or a full meal, this restaurant was a winner for us. With an ambiance that is created by their two-story restaurant on the plaza, the sights and sounds of Mexico can be enjoyed with great food and good drinks. Their menu spans classic pub food to sandwiches, burgers, and salads.

Our favorites were the burgers and large salads. To round it out they have a complete bar with a great selection of spirits, wine, and beer. We found Public House is adored by many locals and visitors alike. That is because it is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser as a dinner option at one of the many delicious Sayulita restaurants.

Tierra Viva

Located on Calle Marlin 10. This especially wonderful open-air restaurant is centrally located and a great spot to pop in for an amazing dinner choice. Dining here is bound to make everyone happy. First, they are located one block up from the beach on the corner of Calle Marlin and Av. del Palmar, where their tables create an easy atmosphere of people-watching mixed with delicious food. Their eclectic menu spans traditional Mexican cuisine of guacamole, tortilla soup, unique salads, interesting sushi selection, grilled meats, and seafood.

We suggest their traditional appetizer of guacamole along with a couple of their creative sushi rolls for a divine dinner choice. For us, their food is beyond tasty and shows their dedication to using fresh ingredients that elevate their dishes. We liked everything and found that there was something everyone on their fusion menu. The restaurant has a complete, full bar that has a great selection of top-shelf alcohol. Besides great spirits, we thought the selection of tequila Blanco was outstanding, there is also a wine list and a variety of beers. Finally, a must-try for all and a great Sayulita Mexico restaurant.

Don Pedro’sdon pedros in sayulita

Located on C. Marlin 2, this is the best beachfront restaurant in Sayulita. A favorite with locals and visitors alike, this restaurant will have you coming back again and again for its, prime location, fun atmosphere, good music, delicious food, and well-stocked bar. They offer service at the bar, inside their restaurant overlooking the beach, or on the sand under umbrellas and chaise lounges. A full international menu has something for everyone. Concentrating on pizzas, seafood, and burgers, they have a bit of everything. The combination of great food and fun times is a winner every time!

We can not get enough of their pizzas, every time we find a new favorite and our current is the burrata pesto. In addition, lobster ravioli is a cult favorite. Simple flavors that are spiced well and cooked impeccably are represented in their dishes. After their plates win you over, check out their music scene. Don Pedro’s offers amazing live music. Our favorite? Without a doubt, salsa night has the best music and dancing!


Located on Jose Mariscal 33. If you are looking for a different flavor profile, you have found it. Unquestionably the best local Thai food, this is a mouth-watering step off the beaten path. They feature an amazing bar plus a small menu of appetizers, mains, and desserts. With clean flavors that are prepared authentically, this is taking a step into Thailand.

Our favorite seating is in the back courtyard where there is an elegant twist on open-air dining. There we indulge in our favorites: spring rolls, pad thai, and prawn green curry. Paired with delicious cocktails from their in-house mixologist, this is always a beautiful and highly enjoyable dinner option in Sayulita.


Sayulita Restaurants are Great Dinner Options

Summing up: As we say in Spanish, buen provecho means enjoy your meal. We have many delicious options that can be found wandering the streets of our pueblo magico, we recommend trying all of Sayulita’s dinner choices. Get in touch with us to check out any of our amazing houses for sale in Sayulita. Above all, do not forget the mouthwatering places to eat dinner at the best Sayulita Mexico restaurants.

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