New MexHome’s Logo Launch

New MexHome’s Logo Launch

MexHome, has recently undergone a significant brand revitalization with the introduction of its new logo, unveiled on February 20th. Although the new design retains the core elements of the previous logo, it represents a fresh, simplified interpretation of the brand. Suite100, a strategic partner of MexHomes since its inception, was responsible for the logo’s redesign.

The updated logo effectively eliminates the lower slider label “real estate group,” reinforcing the brand as an undisputed real estate company. The use of negative space has enabled MexHome to refine its iconography and improve the house push-pin while maintaining pixel-perfect precision at any scale.

Pantone 187, a rich, deep shade of red, has replaced the previous two-tone color scheme, symbolizing MexHomes’ team’s passion for real estate and its unwavering commitment to making bold moves as a market disruptor.

The final phase of the logo transformation incorporates a bold, structural font, imbuing the brand with a sense of strength and stability. The new font underscores MexHomes’ position as a platform for buyers, sellers, and the team that embodies its culture.

According to MexHomes co-founder Aaron Fisher, the redesign was not merely a matter of vanity. Rather, the company sought a powerful brand that could scale to any size and be instantly recognizable to those unfamiliar with the company. “Even if you’ve never heard of us,” Fisher asserts, “you will instantly understand what we’re all about.”

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