Breakfast in San Pancho

Breakfast in San Pancho

Breakfast in San Pancho: A Little Bit of Everything

San Pancho as it is affectionately called by both locals and visitors is in the heart of the Riviera Nayarit. Officially named San Francisco, this small town nestled on the beach is going to become one of your favorite spots to explore and spend the day in. We adore the breakfast choices in San Pancho. This slice of paradise has a fun-loving, energetic atmosphere that will make you want to keep coming back. You might be thinking, I want to know more about this town and where to eat breakfast and all the food choices in San Pancho. Once you are there and become enamored too, check out the San Pancho Real Estate For Sale.

With immense tropical beauty, great people, a fun vibe, good food, lots to do, and an amazing beach this is a town everyone falls in love with. Some highlights are going to the local farmers market, the beach, a yoga class, a walk in the jungle, or wandering the streets and shopping. Starting all these activities with a delicious breakfast in San Pancho that is bound to set you off on a memorable day of exploring. Our favorites of where to eat breakfast in San Pancho include an unexpected sweet treat, a gem off the beaten path, and something light and healthy on the beach.

Our Breakfast in San Pancho Favorites

Breakfast in San PanchoThe Dough Joe

Our first recommendation for food in San Pancho is The Dough Joe. Located on Av. Tercer Mundo by the intersection of Calle Africa, this hole-in-the-wall will become your new favorite. It is adored by all for its complete breakfast menu that includes an array of fresh doughnuts. In addition to having something for everyone to find and fall in love with, they also have amazing coffee, and some of the best breakfasts in San Pancho.

If you want a sweet treat you can’t fail with one of their fresh, homemade doughnut choices. The struggle was real deciding between the maple bacon, cinnamon twist, or chai; so we ended up tasting them all and there was not a crumb left. In addition, their full breakfast menu has favorites like homemade hashbrowns with eggs and bacon. It does not matter if you are going sweet or savory, there is no wrong choice here.

enchiladas in San Pancho

Restaurant Emiliano

Our next recommendation is a great spot for breakfast in San Panch. It is off the beaten path and at Restaurant Emiliano. Located on Calle Africa #61 across the street from the local hospital, this is home-cooked deliciousness. Their menu offers breakfast and lunch options from eggs to tortas (Mexican sandwiches) to enchiladas. All options are delicious and make this a go-to again and again. Order your dish and ask about the agua del dia (fresh fruit juice of the day). Our favorite was the enchiladas in red sauce and fresh squeezed orange juice. Simply prepared food with fresh ingredients, this rivals any breakfast place and takes traditional cooking to the next level.

Organi-Kbreakfast smothie bowl

This is one of the newer breakfast places in San Pancho, Organi-K. Located on a platform at the main beach at the end of Av. Tercer Mundo, this is a new sweet spot to hang out at and enjoy. Since you are at the beach, the vibe is one hundred percent tropical goodness. Creating an oasis so you can enjoy both your food and company, you will have a picture-perfect breakfast. Their health-conscious menu spans tasty options from smoothies, acai bowls, and toast with different toppings to poke bowls. This lighter fare is equally delicious and will set you on the right path to enjoy a day in the sun and sand.

Chilaquiles Food option for breakfastVictor’s

Lastly, we recommend one of our town favorites, Victor’s. Located on Av. Tercer Mundo #28. This is one of our favorite spots to come in and be treated like family. Home cooking that is done spectacularly well using fresh ingredients makes this Mexican cuisine mouthwatering. While it can be hard to choose from their vast menu, a traditional Mexican breakfast of chilaquiles (a dish made from fried corn tortilla strips with either red or green sauce) with eggs and jugo verde (translated to green juice and typically has pineapple, celery, parsley, cactus, and orange juice) are our recommendations. In addition to excellent food, the staff is wonderful and service is fast. One of our faves for breakfast in San Pancho.

Fall in love with San Pancho and Check Out our Homes in this Tropical Paradise

To sum up, San Pancho is a great year-round destination. It is a hidden gem that still encompasses its traditional Mexican charm. This is a must-see with friendly locals and an ambiance that makes you feel like you are in paradise.  Meanwhile, you might be thinking about where is good to eat breakfast in San Pancho. Above all, with amazing places for breakfast and food choices in San Pancho and tons of fun things to do, this town will make you fall in love from the first second. Similarly, buying your dream home here is easy by looking at all the San Pancho Real Estate For Sale


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