Garza Blanca Real Estate for Sale

Considered one of the most beautiful and exclusive beaches in the Puerto Vallarta area

Garza Blanca Beach is considered by both visitors and locals to be one of the most beautiful beaches on Banderas Bay. In contrast to the charming yellow sandy beaches that abound in Puerto Vallarta, Garza Blanca’s sand is white and soft like talcum powder, which makes the dancing hues of the ocean appear turquoise and crystal clear.

Indeed, Garza Blanca’s certified coastline seems to mimic the colors of the Caribbean yet enjoys the tropical protection of the towering Sierra Madre Mountain range that flanks the idyllic beach. Covered in palm trees and exotic vegetation, the mountains provide a magical backdrop to the beach, and provide stunning photo opportunities as you imagine that you are stranded on a breathtaking jurassic desert island.

Furthermore, views from the beach looking out to the ocean are spectacular as the Los Arcos beauty spot is visible from any part of Garza Blanca Beach. Los Arcos are stunning arched rock formations that rise from the sea like a giant serpent and are a common feature on postcards and promotional material for Puerto Vallarta. The defining landmark provides a natural habitat for marine life and can be reached easily by kayak from Garza Blanca.

The clear, clean water of the sea at Garza Blanca makes snorkeling from the water’s edge a family affair and you can see colorful fish and crustaceans without going too deep. In addition to a roped off area for swimming, the sandy white beach is also protected on either side by natural rocky jetties that provide habitat to marine life that you can contemplate with snorkels.

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa provides non motorized water equipment for guests to use at no cost, such as paddle boards, kayaks, boogie boards and so on. Guest who are interested may even join the paddle board instructor for a lesson or two. Guests that like to do yoga can also join the resident yoga teacher on the beach for a class or mediation.