Noemi Patron

Noemi Patron

Office Manager

Office Location: Sayulita (Revolucion #25)

About Me

My name is Noemi Patron, I am the office manager at MexHome!

I lived in California my first 4 year of my beautiful life ha. My parents then brought me to a small village 2hrs north from Sayulita, where I was raised. In 2005 my brothers and I visited Sayulita for a surf contest, we fell in love with the town. It’s colorful streets, friendly people, beautiful beaches and jungles make it hard to not fall in love with Sayulita. Went back to California and finished high school, but still visited Sayulita once a year. Few years later I decided to start a new journey with my three month old boy and moved to Sayulita,where we live now. I worked in a few places where I learned and met a lot of great people.Till one day I was introduced to Aaron & Mark which offer me a great opportunity in life. I AM HAPPY TO BE PART OF THE MEXHOME TEAM NOW!!.