Gabriel Jones

Gabriel Jones
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My name is Gabriel Jones and I am MexHome’s newest agent.  My wife and I moved to Sayulita, Mexico from Vancouver, BC, Canada 6 years ago.  For our first 4 years in Mexico I worked for Mexi-Go! – a lifestyle magazine for Canadians about Mexico and Mexican real estate.  In that time I learned a lot about real estate in Mexico and I traveled to many great vacation and retirement destinations throughout the country.  The more I’ve learned about Mexico the more I have grown to love it and despite spending time in many of Mexico’s other amazing destinations I am always happy to return home to Sayulita in beautiful Nayarit.

Two years ago we achieved a life time dream when we bought our first Sayulita home and did a major renovation adding 4 vacation rental units to our full time residence creating Casa Vecino.  Having learned first hand how to buy and build in Mexico and how to be successful in Sayulita’s booming vacation rentals business, I am excited to be joining the MexHome team to help others achieve their dream of Mexican home ownership.