MexHome es una agencia inmobiliaria todo en uno que brinda acceso a las últimas casas en venta en México, incluyendo condominios, terrenos y bienes raíces comerciales, así como mercados y tendencias inmobiliarias para ayudarlo a descubrir exactamente qué, dónde, y cuando comprar o vender.

Honesty in a Realtor is Paramount!

We have bought and sold several properties throughout the years. So we understand the importance of an experienced, and most importantly, honest Realtor. Valeria worked with us throughout the process to help us identify the appropriate property for us. She took the time to hear and understand our needs and to educate us of the local Real Estate market. For every visit that we scheduled to look at properties, we had very limited time. She was well prepared to show us all that was within our search parameters and dedicated her time to us. So every meeting was very productive. Valeria is extremely professional, very organized, dedicated, very hard worker and honest. Honesty is one of the hard things to find in the Real Estate industry, where quite often an agent will simply want to close a quick sale. Valeria’s honesty and excellent work ethic were backed by MexHome’s great organization of attorney’s and notary professionals who were quick and efficient in processing the legal paperwork and drive through the government bureaucracy. I have been recommending Valeria and MexHome to friends and gladly do publicly as well.
San Pancho, Nayarit