Buying a House in Mexico

Buying a House in Mexico

How to Buy a House in Mexico

Let us help you when you are thinking of buying a house in Mexico, an investment property, your dream home, or something in between. We are expert real estate agents in Mexico. The market is fantastic and growing exponentially for purchasing a home in Mexico. From Baja California to the Yucatan and all the beach destinations in between, there is no end for us to find your next property. There are options to meet all budgets. Buying property is safe, easy, and affordable.

There are tremendous opportunities to maximize your dollar. That makes getting more bang for your buck in paradise simple. It does not matter what vacation destination you are looking at, there are gems to be found. Buying (and holding property) in foreign countries can be a different process, but simple nonetheless. Before buying a house we want to share a couple of important things to know about and outline the process of purchasing a house in Mexico.

How to buy a house in Mexico

Question Time

It is always asked if foreigners can buy a house in Mexico and the answer is absolutely yes you can purchase a house in Mexico. The Mexican constitution says that no foreigner can directly own titled property within 50km of the coast or 100km of the border. If you are not a Mexican national and want to buy property in these restricted areas, it is done via a bank trust or Fideicomiso in Spanish.

Next, the most common question is asking about what a Fideicomiso trust is. The trust is a legal agreement where the buyer (beneficiary) has the right to use, occupy, build, improve, lease, and possess the property. The beneficiary may also instruct the trustee (the Mexican bank) to transfer the rights to another qualified buyer or bequeath the property to an inheritor. The initial term of the trust is 50 years and can be renewed for additional periods of 50 years indefinitely.

Lastly, we hear questions regarding the Mexican bank’s trustworthiness. According to Mexican law, property held in trust by a trustee bank is not an asset of the bank. If the bank is to ever have financial problems, the property is transferred to another trustee bank.

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For us, helping to define some basics is fundamental for a confident buyer. Don’t forget to look at our buyer’s guide which also gives more information on the purchasing process for homes for sale in Mexico. Using our expert knowledge of the process and local markets is the first step in a new and exciting lifestyle. We know how to buy houses in Mexico. Experts beginning to end, we do not stop working for you.

We start the dream home buying process by looking at your budget and securing financing if necessary. Next, we bring your dream to life by being able to purchase a house in Mexico. By answering questions like location, style of the house, amenities, budget, and what are my lifestyle wants and needs.  Then, the search is on and we use our vast resources and local market knowledge to turn your dream into a reality.

We are committed to getting you the best possible value for your dollar so you have a profitable investment. An offer is made when you find your tropical paradise and we work for you with our extensive knowledge and negotiation skills. At this point, we work to get your offer accepted using our understanding of the local market and experience. When the offer is accepted, you can move to the next steps in buying a house in Mexico. Closing of the property begins and a timeline emerges of when conditions like inspections and financing will be completed. When all the conditions are fulfilled, the offer becomes a legally binding contract. Lastly, we are with you at the Notario to complete the closing process. We guide you through and are there every step of the way to buy a house in Mexico.

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Owning property and buying a house in Mexico is easy for a foreigner. Real estate in Mexico is a seamless and secure process. We are here to help you and are excited to share our knowledge. This is the first step in a new and exciting lifestyle. Ultimately, we are here to answer questions and help you build your dreams. Finally, for us outlining the purchase process makes buying property easy. Our agents are excited to assist you with anything necessary to help make this process as smooth as possible. Get in contact with us and see the amazing homes we have to offer and the real estate in Mexico.

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