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Sayan Beach

Lower Conchas Chinas, South Shore

Sayan Beach


Everybody dreams to live in a home that offers ta luxurious life style and brings them close to the idea of paradise. Now, you can live in such a home if you choose an apartment at Sayan Beach. Sayan Beach is a residential community situated on Calle Santa Barbara in Lower Amapas. It consists of thirty-seven residences, all of which offer splendid amenities including a private restaurant and bar, pool over the beach, gym, spa, Jacuzzis, steam room, sun terraces, lavish tropical gardens, elevators, secure parking, around the clock security and many other features that are worthy of consideration.

The apartments at Sayan Beach are luxurious, containing floors and bathroom walls with large profile marble tiles, stately doors made of solid hardwood, walls made of concrete, huge terraces as well as master bedrooms which offer amazing views of the ocean. Sayan Beach is a wonderful place to visit and even more enjoyable to live in as it offers a wonderful landscape of the ocean and the beach, complemented by palm trees and other vegetation. Sayan Beach offers the ultimate experience of the luxurious, tropical lifestyle that you have always dreamed of. The spectacular views offered by this area can be admired from the comfort of your own apartment in Sayan Beach for a surreal paradise environment offering all the relaxation and quality time with loved ones that you could ever wish for.

There are plenty of activities in Sayan Beach due to the natural beauty of the area and the special amenities offered to its residents. Take a walk along the beach where you can admire the calm waters of the ocean and feel the smooth sand under your feet which has been warmed by summer sunshine. You can also gain the ultimate level of relaxation without ever leaving your apartment, lying on your private terrace admiring the beautiful views of the ocean and surroundings. Spend your time at any of the amenities especially designed for Sayan Beach residents such as the spa or the huge pool or Jacuzzi, where you can have a wonderful time. Choose the activities you prefer for an unforgettable time at Sayan Beach, your dream destination.

If you ever wished you could live in paradise, do not hesitate any longer. Pack your bags for Sayan Beach where every detail has been considered with your comfort and relaxation in mind. Live an extraordinary life where you and your family can be safe and secure while enjoying amenities designed to provide every luxury. The apartments are designed to offer every available comfort to its residents at Sayan Beach.

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Lower Conchas Chinas

The Neighborhood

Lower Conchas Chinas

Sayan Beach   Everybody dreams to live in a home that offers ta luxurious life style and brings them close to the idea of paradise. Now, you can live in … Read more →

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